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Although our school is small, we have been graced with administrators, teachers, and staff that play many roles in our student's educational experience. Many of them are multi-talented and multi-certified to fulfill all the needs our students may have.

Dr. Janice Brewer

Our Principal/Educational Coordinator

Read more about Dr. Brewer under About Ault> Principal's Message.


You may contact Dr. Brewer by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1114

Or emailing her at 

Deidre Campbell

Our Secretary

Ms. Diedre is involved in all aspects of the Ault Academy educational experience.


You may contact Ms. Diedre by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1120

Or emailing her at

Deborah Smith

Our Media Specialist and RTI Coordinator. Ms. Debbie also leads the school book club.


You may contact Ms. Debbie by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1122

Or emailing her at

Brittney Bray

Our Middle School Teacher. She currently teaches all core subjects for our middle schoolers.


You may contact Ms. Brittney by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1118

Or emailing her at or

Shemeka Dunlap

Our Science and Nutrition teacher.


You may contact Ms. Shemeka by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1124

Or emailing her at

thumbnail_IMG_3742 (1)_edited.jpg

Camille Cutwright

Our History Teacher.


You may contact Ms. Camille by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1119

Or emailing her at

Mary Phillips

Our English Language-Arts Teacher


You may contact Ms. Mary by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1116

Or emailing her at


Jennifer Gibbons

Our Math Teacher.


You may contact Ms. Jennifer by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1117

Or emailing her at

Betty Childs

Our Exceptional Education Teacher.


You may contact Ms. Betty by calling (706) 884-1717 ext. 1115

Or emailing her at

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