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What does it take to graduate from Bradfield Center- Ault Academy?

At Bradfield Center- Ault Academy, we take pride in providing a comprehensive and rigorous education for all students. We understand that each student has their own unique goals and aspirations, and our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to helping them achieve success. We follow the same graduation requirements as the Troup County School System, but we also offer a variety of elective courses and extracurricular activities to help students explore their interests and passions. Contact us today to learn more about academic advisement.

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What grade is my student in?

We take grades seriously, as they are the key to your academic success. We determine grade levels based on the number of credit earned, not the number of years you have been in school. However, it's important to note that regardless of the number of credits you have earned, you must pass all required classes to graduate.


How does my student know what classes to take?

We understand that education is a journey, and every student has their own way of navigating through it. That is why we provide academic advisement at the beginning of every semester; it allows us to review student progress and update their goals. Dr. Brewer works with the students to determine what courses they should take based on the required credits and desired educational outcomes. We aim to develop confident and responsible leaders who are ready to take on the world.

Click here to review a chart of our requirements.

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