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While Waiting for Santa... 2019: Sock Snowmen (Day 8 of the DCA)

In Ms. Camille's classroom, spending classroom money wisely has been a rough process to learn for the students. Having to pay rent (for their seat), utilities (for education services), and saving for a down payment on their seats (mortgage) each month has been a struggle.

To relax and prepare for the holiday season, rent and utilities were not charged for the month of December (unrealistic, I know). With students coming and going, this is a great time for them to use every moment to enjoy the festivities. To add to the experience, each class had the opportunity to use their earnings to bid on daily prizes, games, and activities. The catch is: they never knew what the prize was until each class had placed their final, crowdfunded bids. The students were forced to rely on quotes, excerpts, poems, and riddles to figure out what they were receiving. The classes that did not make the highest bid, had the opportunity to keep their money. The class that made the ultimate bid, received a special (or not so special) prize.

Day 8 of the Days of Christmas Auctions began with an excerpt from Shel Silverstein's poem, "Snowman."

"You'll be melting by and by/ ..., "What a pity, For I'd like to see July./ Yes, I'd like to see July, and please don't ask me why./ But I'd like to, yes I'd like to, oh I'd like to see July."

What prize, game, or activity did the boys get to participate in?

Let's just say, they aren't too old for Christmas arts and crafts. They were able to make the cutest, sock snowmen. Check them out below.

Stay in the loop to see more Christmas activities in other classes.

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