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We're Back, Better, and Taking Steps to Fight COVID-19.

On August 17th, Bradfield Center- Ault Academy will be welcoming our students back to school. In preparation for this, we have all made adjustments to protect our students from the possible exposure and spread of COVID-19 on our campus, as well as measures put in place to continue their education beyond the classroom.

Check out some of the changes that we've made:

  • Staff and students will be required to wear masks

  • Every classroom has an air purifier

  • Constant sanitation of classrooms

  • Automatic sanitizer dispensers

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Incorporating Canvas (district sponsored learning management system) into all classes

  • Pack out lunch, so our students can continue to social distance during meals

We would like to welcome all of our students back to a safe, secure, educational environment.

To check out our county's plan for the year, click here.

Some procedures and routines may vary due to our diverse setting.

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