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September PBIS: Ice Queen 2

What is there to do when all the ice cream is gone?

That is the question the boys had to think about while out for PBIS. The first stop was at Ice Queen as a courtesy of our Partner-in-Education, American Home Shield. Many of the boys were so excited to get their rolled ice cream, that it often did not make it across the street to the square.

While on the square the boys were set up with tv trays, playing cards, board games, and dominos and were allowed to play and enjoy the beautiful day near the fountain.

Although the day was beautiful, temperatures were high. All of the ice cream had been eaten and the boys were quickly bored with the card and board games. Did I mention it was extremely hot that day? After thinking about ways to cool off while still enjoying the day outdoors, someone had an idea: Let's visit the West Point Dam!

About 15 miles south of Lagrange, the West Point Dam was finished by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1975 to prevent flooding of the local towns of West Point, GA, Valley, and Lanett, AL. The West Point Dam presented itself to us as a sight of beauty with many forms of wildlife and an opportunity for the students to seek shade and a cool breeze.

While at the dam, many of the boys enjoyed skipping rocks, looking down at the types of fish, and spot different birds.

So, what is there for students from Ault Academy to do when all the ice cream is gone?

Our Ault Academy Wolverines chose to enjoy nature and the experiences it offers without the distraction of cell phones and other technology.

Look through the gallery below to see pictures of the excursion.

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