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October Assembly: Cookin' with the Boss

On October 18th, 2019, Ault Academy students were introduced to a new passion: the culinary arts.

Chef Kiomoya Roberts and Sous-chef Malik Robinson from BossChef Catering were accompanied by Chef Jeremy Vines from Obsidian Catering in speaking to our students about their backgrounds, their passion for the culinary arts, and how they are allowing that passion to lead them to success

While Chef Roberts is no stranger to the appetites of the Ault Academy faculty and staff, students were able to be inspired and enjoy a dish from BossChef Catering. Students watched a live demonstration of the chefs making omelets. One student looking to join the workforce soon assisted the chefs with making the omelets for staff and students. Everyone enjoyed the food as well as the experience.

Watch the short video of our student chef (he's the one in the back working on flipping his eggs) and photos below to see parts of the demonstration as well as how the boys showed their continued support for breast cancer awareness. To read about the PINK OUT game for breast cancer awareness click here.

A special thanks go to Chef Kiomoya Roberts and Sous-chef Malik Robinson of BossChef Catering and Chef Jeremy Vines of Obsidian Catering for taking the time to visit and share with us.

Feel free to check out their businesses by clicking the bolded links above. We highly recommend the chicken, shrimp, and/or steak hibachi with fried rice and veggies from BossChef Catering.

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