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November is National Parent Engagement Month

November is National Parent Engagement Month. This month was first acknowledged by Project Appleseed, which is a national campaign for public school improvement. National Parent Engagement Month aligns itself with research that identifies that family engagement has a strong correlation to student achievement. Georgia Department of Education, Troup County School System, and Ault Academy are all pushing for parents to be seen as partners in their student's success.

Although our students are in different circumstances, we still would like our parents to be highly involved in their student's educational success. We recommend three ways that parents can increase their engagement:

1. Show your pride as an engaged parent by changing your Facebook or Twitter cover picture or profile photo to one of these images:

Facebook or Twitter:

2. Take this pledge to continue helping your child in school. Take a picture of it and email it to so we can hang your pledge on the wall at Ault Academy as a showcase of our engaged parents.

Download the pledge in English

Download the pledge in Spanish

3. Engage on social media by joining the conversation about parent involvement. Use #EngagedParent join in.

If you would like to be even more involved with your student's education, but are struggling with circumstance, feel free to contact us so we can brainstorm our way into your student's success.

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