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Did you miss our School Improvement Forum? A Review.

On January 25th and March 1st, 2022, Bradfield Center- Ault Academy was able to host our School Improvement Forum.

The Agenda for the Forum included:

As the presentation went on, we were able to review the backgrounds and meanings of each of these topics.

At first we covered, the Parent & Family Engagement Policy. This policy is a set plan to make sure that all parent and stakeholders have the opportunity to be actively involvement in their student's education. Active involvement for us may be a bit different, but can include continuous communication between teachers and parents about academics, extracurricular activities, and student development in the school setting.

Our Parent and Family Engagement Policy is set to improve family engagement and to support student learning. To promote family engagement, we currently hold open house, have our Annual Title I Parent meeting, utilization reviews with DJJ, and our School Improvement Forum.

We also create a School-Parent Compact every year as an agreement on how the teacher, cottage staff, and parents are going to work together to help our students achieve the goals in our School Improvement Plan.

In order to make these things work, we share information on our website and through monthly newsletters. We also communicate regular information among each other during faculty meetings to share strategies on improving communication. We provide feedback and progress updates to parents and stakeholders. Finally, we create feedback form and input forms for all stakeholders to give their input on these methods.

We are always thinking of ways to get better. From the input stakeholders provide to the feedback we receive regularly, we are always compiling various ways we can get better. We write those ways into our goals within our School Improvement Plan.

We break those goals down into sub-goals so we can really measure achievement. The slide above is an example of one of those goals. Read about more of our goal below on the following slides:

We do not want circumstance to determine how well-rounded our students are. We move to offer equitable opportunities to students by having extracurricular activities such as Greenpower, Drama, Chorus, and book club.

When the pandemic started, we knew our school would be impacted much differently. We continued instruction, but had to find multiple ways to offer it. We currently use Canvas, Google Classroom, and Odysseyware to cater to these needs.

At Ault Academy, we are always thinking beyond graduation. Our students need to know that there are opportunities are available to them. To make sure they are well informed, we offer the use of Odysseyware to promote Pathways. Odysseyware is an online learning platform that offers many CTAE options for students such as Art History, Business Technology, and Spanish.

We also perform academic advisement at the beginning of each semester and during the intake of each student. With counties across the state having different schedules from us, we have this to make sure students are in their appropriate class and are on the road towards graduations.

Students with Individualized Education Plans also receive transitional plans for them to formally map out their future with our Exceptional Education department.

We are nothing without the communities that support us. To make sure everyone is adequately involved, we work to enhance out community partnerships. We host Advisory Committee Meetings twice a year. We attend Partner in Education (PIE) meeting and recruit PIES. We also collaborate with agency and stakeholders such as treatment team, utilization reviews, and agency staff meetings.

To make sure we are getting better as teachers, we participate in professional learning that has been customized to meet our needs and continue to provide and receive adequate feedback in TKES and LKES as our evaluation systems.

We work hard to educate the the entire child. We work toward this working with mental health providers and implementing restorative practices to decrease the time students are our of class.

We also put together Student Support Teams (SST) to address academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional issue each individual student may have.

To promote efficiency, we use out funding for paraprofessionals, professional learning, and instruction resources and collect data to see if the previous are working.

When it comes to Federal Title I funds, we use a budget to purchase resources for parents, to provide faculty, bring in technology, and provide other resources.

Click here to see our Building Staff Capacity video.

Want to leave feedback on this presentation? Have questions or suggestions: click this link to leave input.

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