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What is a PIE?

A PIE (Partner in Education) is a member of the local community who seeks to aid schools in providing opportunities for students.


In various public schools, you will see PIEs actively participating in the educational experience by offering financial resources for field trips, incentives to enhance student learning (such as the Troup County Schools car giveaway for perfect attendance), and even resources to boost morale within the school environment.

At Bradfield Center-Ault Academy, we welcome all potential PIEs who can provide their time, service, and resources to benefit our students on campus.


This support can come in many forms, such as:

  • **Items for the School Store:** School supplies, snacks, novelty items, and more.

  • **Funds for PBIS (Postive Behavioral Interventions and Supports):** PBIS celebrations are hosted every month to reward students for the positive behavior.

  • **Speakers for Monthly Assemblies:** To motivate and inspire student achievement.

  • **Support for Extracurriculars:** Helping with programs like Greenpower that our students might not usually have access to.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of our students by becoming a Partner in Education!

Get in Touch to become a PIE

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